A Dilemma that Trumps all Dilemmas

So here it goes: The NHL just released its playoff schedule today for the Stanley Cup Finals.  All in all, the days look fine (though I think some parish meetings are going to need to be rescheduled!).  However, one date really was difficult to see (though I expected something to come forward during next week): June 1st, 2011, at 5pm is the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Being the wise reader that you are, you may ask how it is that this is a dilemma.  It is simple: beginning on Monday at 5pm, we are having our annual priest’s retreat for priests and seminarians of the Diocese of Victoria.  This year, it is being held in Vancouver.  The retreat lasts until Friday afternoon.

In years past, the retreat was held in Victoria when there was still a retreat center in Victoria (it has now been sold to the University by the religious community that owned it).  Priests would come during the day, and then go back to their respective rectories in the evenings save those who came from a long distance away.  They would stay at the retreat center: but nothing happened there in the evenings because most would just go back to the rectory.

This year, it is off island, and thus evening activities have been scheduled.  But I must admit the difficulty I am having with all this.  It is not every year that your favourite hockey team – who, by the way, are favourites to win the cup regardless of who they play – goes to the Stanley Cup Finals.

So it is a big dilemma: to watch the game or not watch the game.  The decision is still to be made, but it ain’t an easy one!


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