4 responses to “A Brief Vent on Socialized Health Care

  1. Richard C.

    For comparison, my student health insurance here in MA is about $950/year. Of course, as you get older, prices go up: a 30-year-old’s mid-range policy is $340/mo.; for a 50-year-old, $500/mo. But that covers just about everything (with modest co-payments) and it is easy to get appointments and get things done. I have to assume your sister is under 30, say, and that her policy in NY is perhaps not as complete as the ones I’m looking at here in MA, where insurance companies have to comply with a lot of state mandates.

    Anyway: good heavens, Harrison! Most of my friends up there in Canadia would be shocked at your words of iconoclasm. Better not let anybody official see this, or they’ll deport you like they did Mark Steyn. 🙂

  2. Mike

    Well, to counter your personal example with another personal example, when I had my spontaneous pneumothorax last year and my lung collapsed, I was admitted into the hospital immediately, didn’t have to pay any bills, and had terrific care for a week. Conversely, when my mother had an allergic reaction in New York and had to be rushed to a hospital, there was endless wrangling over the bills and insurance – and that was with coverage from an American company.

    Personal anecdotes are a bad way to argue policy – you can find evidence that supports any position. However, as far as I know, Canada spends less on healthcare per capita than the US, and statistically, care in Canada is equivalent or better.

  3. Drew

    By no means do I think healthcare is an easy problem to fix, but I do admire the Canadians for having a government system to provide a bottom rung that no one can fall beneath. I’ve met a few Canadians over the years who are glad they have insurance through their employer, as the public option is no picnic.

    By contrast in the US, many people don’t have insurance because they can’t afford it. I’m one of them, and if a public option were available to me at that price I would gladly take it as something is better than nothing.

    In the U.S., we can’t even get consumer protections passed to keep the healthcare industry from jerking us around, and in a bizarre twist of fate, with Obamacare (which I support) the healthcare industry has become the champions of personal liberty—we’ll now have to buy health insurance, but with little inkling as to what it will cost.

  4. Geoff W

    My friend’s Dad just had surgery for a pinched nerve in his back. He paid to go to a private clinic and the wait time was a matter of two weeks instead of 15 months. Overall it was very successful.

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