Day number…oh I have lost count!

Hello everyone!

I am writing you from Arnoga, Italy. Where is that?  It is about three hours northwest of Milan.

I am writing this post from my iPhone, and so I am going to keep it short.  It has been a really rollercoaster type of time for me spiritually while being with the men of the Casa.  I had not expected a lot of things.  It is vague because much is still stirring in my soul through my encounters with the Lord here.  It is all very good, though difficult.  The Lord is purifying me in ways I never thought possible!  I will say more about this at a later time.

I finished up my wonderful time in England with my friends David and Leanna.  I made my way to Heathrow airport and flew out of the new Terminal 5 to Milan.  It is a beautiful terminal that may give Canadian airports a run for their money.  

I arrived in Milan and was met at the airport by my friend Maria and her sister.  We spent the evening in Milan.  It was a wonderful time.  We began by having wine next to the Duomo, which is the cathedral of Milan.  It is breathtaking.  It used to be the largest church in Christendom until they built St peter’s.  I am hoping to get a chance to get some pictures when I am back there on Sunday.  I forgot my batteries in my bag the first time around.  There is a lovely restaurant in a building next to the Duomo where you can sit outside and simply enjoy the view of the Duomo.  It was magnificent.  We then slowly made our way to a restaurant for Italian dinner (10pm) and then it was off to bed.  On Monday morning I made my way to the train station and made my way up to Tirano.  From there I took a bus to Bormio, where I was picked up by Fr Servais and a couple of the young men of the Casa.  

I am in the Italian Alps.  It is spectacular here.  If I get a chance, I will post some pictures if I can get my pictures onto a computer during my trip.  It is breathtaking up here.

Last Saturday we went on a hike.  I figured they meant a hike like in BC, go on a forest trail somewhere.  But they meant mountain hiking.  It was intense ( and 6 hours long!). Then we did another hike on Tuesday.  That one wasn’t as difficult, but was 6.5 hours long.  I have probably lost a few pounds from those hikes.  But I got some amazing pictures.  They were also great times of prayer.

I leave Arnoga early Sunday morning.  Fr Servais will celebrate Mass for me and then I will make my way down to Milan, where I will be flying from to Lourdes.  I am going with my friend Maria from Milan and her brother.  It should be a great time of prayer and reflection.  I will say more from Lourdes probably.

In Christ



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