I Almost Forgot!

I started a story and said that you must remember the sandwiches, and then promptly forgot to write about it!
So after Mass they put a DJ out on the stage and we were supposed to have dinner.  Apparently the sandwiches marked for lunch were actually for lunch AND dinner.  So myself, Sam, and Joseph got out and went to McDonald’s.  I wanted something deep fried for the last three weeks and this definitely satisfied the cravings.  On our way back two girls from Kansas City were talking to us and we ended up talking for about an hour.  We got back to the Arena and thankfully it was just in time for us to leave, I was able to avoid the concerts!

Got home and fell asleep very quickly, though not comfortably.  I have been very tired here because though I am getting a decent amount of sleep, it is not of a very good quality.

Today we went to a Nursing Home where we had Mass with the community there and it was really a beautiful thing.  Afterwards they took us to a restuarant where we had traditional Spanish Payalla.  It was a great afternoon.  They paid for everything too, they have been very generous to us!  There were not only us, but Germans as well in this parish!  So they were very generous, buying us drinks, paying for the lunch.  We all did some entertainment, and our group did the Shim Sham which I taught everyone in February for our fundraiser and then I did the Trankey Doo.  And now I have been sitting here relaxing at a priest’s rectory while everyone is at the beach.  I will be helping him out at Mass and he wants me to do one of the readings in Spanish!!  God help me!

Will do more updating from Madrid.  From the sounds of it, Madrid is going to be a pretty awesome experience.  Fr. Robert Barron will be speaking a couple of times and so I hope to go and hear one of his talks.  Also, for the Mass on Saturday for Seminarians with the Pope, my goal is to get an aisle seat and hopefully shake his hand :).

in Christ



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