Attempt at a Ressurection!

Hi everyone. I am back after a bit of a hiatus. I really do like having a blog to post to each day. It gives me a chance to de-stress, to relax, to say what’s on my mind, etc. So I need to give it a shot, for the sake of my sanity.

Lately I have been busy with school here at the seminary. However, I must admit, that this semester I am particularly bored. Most of my classes are not challenging me, and I find I am not learning much at all (it doesn’t help, either, when in one of the classes the prof talks more about how conservatives are idiots than about the topic at hand.)

So, I have taken after great thinkers of the past! I am bringing books to class in order to stimulate my intellectual life. I wish I didn’t have to do it, but this year is a particularly bad semester so far. I am hoping for better next semester. I am a little frustrated because I think “my Diocese is spending good money on my formation and education and it is a pitty that their money is not always being well put to use.”

So I continue to plug along. Needless to say at least one of the profs will be getting a really bad review at the end of the semester. At the very least, it is offering me the opportunity to spend more time reading what I want to read and allowing me to challenge myself personally.

So, I continue to plug along. At the very least this is teaching me how to be challenged intellectually in parish life, when I will have to be self-sufficient in terms of intellectual pursuits.

in Christ



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