Daily Round Up – November 4, 2011

The first link is just awesome.  I love the series of James Bond films with Daniel Craig and so am happy to hear that they are moving forward with a new one.  News here.

It turns out there is going to be a major advertisement by Catholics Come Home.  The news about the ambitious advertising campaign to bring Catholics back to Church just before the Christmas season can be found here.

For the more intellectually minded, there is a brief blog post over at the Word on Fire blog.  The post is about technology, idols, and humanity and how liturgy is the only thing to move people back to a human culture and away from the techno-culture we live in today.  It links to the article in Communion which the post is based on, which I recommend for reading.

As a side note, re: liturgy as the basis of culture, I recommend one of my favourite all-time books.  It is called “Leisure: the Basis of Culture” by Josef Pieper.  It is one of the most profound, provocative, and influential books that I have ever read.  I have read it a few times, actually, and always get something new out of it.  It is not super dense, but it is a book of philosophy.  It is very short, but the argument is, essentially, that leisure is man’s true purpose – whereby he critiques the contemporary concept of leisure as a “break from work in order to be rested for more work”.  In short, leisure is too work centered.  He blames this all on the Protestant work ethic, and it is just a really fascinating and engaging read.  I can never recommend it enough.

One of the blogs I faithfully follow is Shirt of Flame.  Heather King is a very honest, soul-revealing, insightful individual.  I am always happy to see a new post on her blog.  I was also happy to see, also on the Word on Fire blog, a review of her book by the same name of her blog: Shirt of Flame: A Year With St Therese.  I look forward to reading it, perhaps during my Christmas break when my papers are over :).

Over at “The Public Discourse” there is a great article about the financial benefits of having children. I am so happy I stumbled upon this blog yesterday, I think I will be going to it much more often.  The article is here.  I do not think that “happiness decreases as number of children increases”, as Caplan argues, strongly holds.  I know many families with many children who would say that the more children the happier!  But it is an intriguing read and worth checking out.

A friend posted this article from Fox News on her facebook wall.  I saw it, read it, and thought I should share it.  It has to do with the decline of masculinity in men in our culture.  It is something I have seen all too clearly in men in my generation and this article tends to reinforce the experiential fact: men are no longer men.  Give it a read.  It also goes hand in hand with my article on extended adolescence.

Finally, we have at Word on Fire a reflection on the importance of St Charles Borromeo, who’s feast day we celebrate today.  The article can be found here.

I will not be putting an article together today as I simply do not have time.  We are going on a 24 hour silent recollection this evening and I needsome time for homework before it begins.  I will be back with a post on either Sunday or Monday.

In Christ



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