Daily Round-Up – November 8th, 2011

Here is your daily round-up.  Lots of links, still have some from the weekend!  So I may be holding some over until tomorrow.

First, in the realm of sci-fi there is the news of a new Battlestar Galactica series and movie!  I am a HUGE fan of the original show…have watched the entire series three or four times now.  Caprica was, well, horrible, but I think the new series, which discusses the first cylon war, will be more faithful to the direction and method of the original series (the original, contemporary, series that is).  Sci-fi is great for engaging the human person in a mythical way, and, because of its distance from reality, is able to take on issues with an objective eye that we, at times, miss.  If you haven’t seen the original contemporary series, I highly encourage you.  Though, I must warn, though there is no nudity, there is a lot of sexual scenes in the first season that will probably require having your finger on the fast-forward button.

Here is a sweet article about how a parish found letters to God from children over a hundred years old and how they are building on it with children in the parish now writing letters to God.

Forbes says the Pope Benedict is the 7th most powerful person in the world.  Despite the Church’s attempts to relinquish titles and power, the world still loves to look at her through a political lens.

The always insightful curmudgeon Rex Murphy has a great article at the National Post about Occupy Wall Street.  It is always a great delight to read his articles.  The article is a sly way that saying what is wrong in our world today i not big  business per se, but our culture and where it places its value instead.

A friend of mine has a blog post about his recent venture to a Pulp and Paperback booksale in London.  I link it here for the sheer entertainment of reading it.  It is WELL worth the read for his ability to tell a story about buying stories.  Furthermore, I think he gives great insights into the value of reading.  He, more than anyone else I know, knows the value of reading.  Please do give it a read, you will not be sorry.

Here is an article that really gets to the heart of what a parish need and how three simple things can change a parish: vibrant faith-life in the parish community, good preaching, and good music.  This priest seems to be doing the basics and the basics are really helping lift up the life of the parish.  Furthermore, he gets involved in the community: he is public, which is important for a pastor.  Pastors have care over the entire flock, including those who are lost or missing within their parish boundaries.  He also encourages priestly fraternity, something that is missing a lot in the contemporary presbyterate in which priests become mavericks instead of brothers cooperating with their bishop.  The article is inspiring as to what the priesthood and parish life is meant to be.

This article at First Things speaks about the growing Protestant discomfort with celebrating Reformation Sunday.  It is interesting only because this is becoming a growing notion in many Protestant Churches: the Church is to be unified and what was once united is now split, but we should be brought back together.  True ecumenism is growing daily by leaps and bounds, and the Church is constantly growing in the bond of faith to where, God-willing, we will once again be unified under one banner.

That’s enough for today.  I have homework to do.

in Christ



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