Daily Round Up – November 17th, 2011

Sorry there was no round up yesterday.  I was not feeling good and so slept, ate chicken broth and orange juice, and watched Battlestar Galactica.  I also slept a lot.  Am feeling much better today.

Here are some great articles for today.

There is a new blog out there that looks quite good and so am passing it along to you all.  It is called Simple Catholicism.  Here is the link.  I will be adding it to my link bar as well.

There is a lot of talk as of late about the increasing persecution against religious liberty in the United States.  I have plugged one post online in regards to that, though if people want more, just throw a comment into the combox and I will be happy to put more out there.  Here is the link.

I have many links to posts from the National Post.  I look to the online posts of National Post almost daily because they have thoughtful and engaging pieces and are not “cut and dry” conservatives.  They make a real effort to offer a variety of perspectives.  Here are some of the links from the National Post:

  • Here is one on how new research, which initially seems helpful to the initiatives against euthanasia could perhaps bite pro-lifers in the back.  The problem, of course, is that we are still placing the argument on functionality of the person, which is how we tend to look at people.  Think, for example, when we meet someone new.  We ask them “what do you do”, not “who are you?”  If pro-lifers wish to have success, they need to change the cultures view of the human being as functional.  We need to remebrace a metaphysics of being.
  • I have a couple posts on the honour killing trial that is happening here in Canada.  I post them because I pause a question in relation to it: what is the world like when Christianity has no influence?  I am starting to realize that Christianity is really transformative of culture.  When Christianity is not there, we fall down the slippery slope of vice, sin, hatred, violence, and death.  Christianity offers something unique to the world, but sin blinds us to the beauty of Christ.  The articles are here and here.
  • Barbara Kay has a fantastic article on women and fertility and the lies that are put out there about having children at a later age.  It is short and well worth the read.
  • I am not sure if you heard about this story in May or not.  Damian Godder was a broadcaster for Rogers Sportsnet, but was fired after posting a tweet supporting the traditional idea of marriage.  The article offers a good overview of the situation, and is another sign of further persecution against religious freedom.  Give it a read.
  • Finally, here is an article that makes a possible link between prostate cancer and contraceptives.

Here is a beautiful quote by J.R.R. Tolkien on the Eucharist.

This disturbs me.

Sandro Magister has a great article on clerical celibacy and the recent magisterium.  It is well worth checking out.

And here is the final link of the day.  It’s a tear-jerker.  It’s a commercial below:



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  1. WSJ

    Given the lesser of two evils principle, I think that Pam is a better choice then (lets say) Lady GaGa!

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