Daily Round Up – November 22, 2011

I want to begin today with a link to a blog.  I mentioned it through my twitter account, but that is just getting started and so don’t expect people to know what I post there (you can, though, subscribe to my twitter feed on the sidebar).  Anyways, I found this blog by accident.  I was looking for something on Blondel and came across an article by Gregory Sadler.  The name rang a bell with me immediately because I stumbled upon his book “Reason Fulfilled by Revelation” when at the Strand Bookstore in New York last May.  I opened the book while there and could not put it down.  It is about the debate over Christian Philosophy in France in the 1930s.  It is thoroughly fascinating and I encourage all to give it a read.  With that LONG pre-amble, I point you to Orexis Dianoetike, where philosophy in its many forms are put forward.  He also has many videos of lectures.  I look forward to delving into it more over the holidays as there is a lot of good stuff there, I hope you will give it a look at as well, if philosophy interests you.

I could not get to the original link, but another blog has the story pasted in it.  The story is about how the Congregation of Divine Worship is establishing a new commission on Church architecture and liturgical music.  It is very interesting, it sounds like the CDW and the Pope are working to collaborate with dioceses to ensure the Mass is being celebrated in beautiful places and according to the norms of the reforms.  It will be interesting to see how this will play out.

Here is an article on a priest who has died known as “Father Dollar Bill”.  I link this because I think it ought to have us “check our consciences”.  I know a priest in Toronto who was known as the “Five Dollar Priest” (now he is the Ten Dollar Priest – that is a story for a longer post on the topic).  Also, Fr. Guissani, the founder of Communion and Liberation – a movement I am a member of – would also give money when asked.  What is beautiful behind all these priests is this: they never judged the person they were giving money to.  They were more than their weaknesses and it is the person they were giving their money to, not the addict, the murderer, the thief.  Furthermore, aspects of these people may very well use the money for bad purposes: but the one giving can NEVER know what will happen.  The gift is an opportunity for grace and the more I hear about priests like this, the more I realize they are right and we are wrong for judging those asking of us.  This, if I recall, will be a topic for a post one day.  This is related to a post I did last night, and you can read it here.

My friend Stephen White has an article at Catholicvote.org about how holiness is the most pressing issue for the Church.  Here is the link.

Finally (there isn’t much today), here is an article on the concept of “fear of the Lord” and what it means.

in Christ



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  1. Thanks so much, Harrison, for the glowing recommendation of the book, the blog, and the videos. I’m glad they could be of some use. I was particularly happy to be able to give voice to Blondel in English on the matters of Christian philosophy — since Gilson and Maritain had their works on it translated into English a long while back.

    Nice Blog here, I have to say!

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