Daily Roundup – November 28, 2011

Hi everyone.  I’m sorry for the delay in posting…it has been hectic with seminary activities.  I am going to do my best, but things are busy.  However, I have some goodies to share with you.

The first one I wish to point you to is a priest’s presentation at a Non-Denominational Church.  It is really excellent.  My only disappointment is that he talks about the need to know Jesus, but doesn’t talk much about how to actually come to know Jesus more intimately.  However, I think the inspiration is to bring you to pray more intimately about coming to know Jesus more intimately.  Please check it out, it is much worth it.  This priest also has a blog where his homilies are posted.  They are wonderful.  The link is here.

Here is a neat article on Advent and its practicalness  for us Christians.

Speaking of Advent, if time allows, I will post a little reflection on my experience of the new translation later today.  In the meantime, here is a thoughtful post on the new translation, what Vatican II intended, and the great beauty of the new wording.

Here is an absolutely excellent article by Rex Murphy on the inconsistency of the world who demands Christians tolerate everything, including blasphemous actions which make fun of Christians.  The time, it seems, is for us to get spines and speak up :).

Here is a fun picture for all you philosophy lovers:

Here is a neat post on the important of the classics, despite the need for modern academia to slowly de-fund the humanities in universities.  The less of the humanities we have, the less human our world will be.

Nancy Pelosi’s Catholicism doesn’t seem to appreciate the value of conscience.

Here is a neat post on a relic of the Virgin Mary I never knew of.

Want to see bad reporting on Church affairs?  Go here.

Here is a funny post over at Creative Minority Report.

There is a new website called Complete Catholicism by the Faith and Reason Institute.  Help them out by checking it out!

In October, I read part of a book on the Christ-centered theology of Pope Benedict XVI.  In this book, the author mentions Fr. Alfred Delp, SJ, who was influential on Ratzinger in his young life.  As I read along, I was impressed by this figure, and felt a need to look up more on him.  I am reading his reflections on Advent currently as a book of spiritual reading during Advent.  I highly recommend looking him up.  Heather King over at Shirt of Flame has a post on him, and a link to another Jesuit on him.  You can check it out here.  In fact, the link she links to is here, where it speaks profoundly of a Jesuit’s encounter with Fr. Alfred Delp.  He also cites an interesting quote by Ruth Burrows, OCD: “Faith in Jesus is very, very rare.”  Important words for us to meditate on.

Speaking of Shirt of Flame, here is an interesting post on a saint who was addicted to opium in the last 30 years of his life.

Deacon Greg over at the Deacon’s Bench has post about a friar with a movable soup kitchen and a deacon who does ministry with prostitutes and drug addicts in Toronto.  Please check them out.  They are always challenges to us: “Am I following Jesus as He asks of me?”

And with that, we have our posts for the day.

in Christ




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