I’m Alive!

Hi everyone.

I’m alive!

In December, I got tied up in paper and take-home exam Hell.  Had to write 90 pages over that period and so school consumed me.  Then the Christmas break came and I tended to barely use my computer over those two weeks.  Got back to the Seminary just over a week ago and so have been settling back into the routine here.

In short, things have been busy.

But I’m back.  Will be back to posting something tomorrow.  I have a variety of things that I’ve been working on for a while, plus a few new things in mind.

One slight change.  Instead of the Daily Round-Up, I’m going to make it a weekly Round-Up.  That many links each and every day can be overwhelming for people to read.  Plus it gives me the opportunity to sift through things here and give you the cream of the crop for your Friday reading pleasure.

If anyone of the followers (can you believe there’s 25 followers now?!) or anyone else reading the blog through Facebook or Twitter want a topic to be discussed, please let me know.

Expect something on Catholic Social Teaching soon.  I just did a class at RCIA on the topic and the topic itself has been reemerging in my thinking again as of late for a variety of reasons.

in Christ



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