Weekly Round-Up

I am sitting in my bed fighting a darn cold and so I have done a lot of article reading this week (it is all I can handle when sick anyways…).  Anyways, I have much to post this week thanks to being sick :).  So, for your enjoyment, here is a round up of links for your reading pleasure.

I would first like to point you to the series of links below from the National Post.  Recently, there has been a lot of discussion in regards to abortion and sex-selection which asks the deeper question: how can we say it’s ok for a woman to have an abortion with no limits to that choice and say, at the same time, that we need to restrict sex-selective abortions.  It is a conundrum that is, I believe, beginning to expose the fact that the pro-abortion movement is starting to crack, and we can only hope so.  I posted a link to one of the articles o on my Facebook wall which, unsurprisingly, provoked a lot of my pro-choice friends to come out swinging.  One person noted that the issue provokes more questions than answers.  My response would be, then, that we ought to be cautious if the answers are few and the questions are many.  Anyways, here are the links to the discussion that the National Post has been having about the topic, which is quite extensive, though I’ve only linked 3.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Here is an EXCELLENT article about someone who struggles with same sex attractions.  I was quite moved by her openness to share and the freedom – and struggles – she still experiences.

For my seminarian friends and for all out there, really, here is an interesting article on why it’s important to wake up early.  I must be frank, myself, that I struggle with that only because my brain seems to be working overtime in the evening and thus it is difficult to “slow down” but am willing to give this a shot myself!

An interesting article from the always intriguing Sandro Magister on Benedict as Reformer and the debate about how the council is in continuity, is a rupture, and is a reform of the Church.

A short, and interesting, perspective on the 1% vs the 99%.

A beautiful reflection by the Pope on religious freedom to a group of US Bishops.  It was apropos considering, now, the difficulty the Church is having in the US with the Obama administration and its mandate on providing contraceptives, even by religious institutions.  You will be seeing bishops fighting this one.

Speaking of the Obama admin and the whole issue of mandating contraceptives for all health plans, here are some links in reaction to it.

Link 1

Link 2

An interesting question that is always worth asking: ought art really t be for its own sake?

I have many more, but this is the last one for this week.  It is on the beauty and wonders of friendship in the Christian context, reflecting on the memorial of Timothy and Titus.  I was happy to find it because I am realizing, from some of my closest friends, how holy friendships are of the utmost importance, and that one can have deep and holy friendships so as to aid each other to Heaven and that, actually, not only is such a friendship possible, but necessary, especially for the celibate person.  Such friendship for the celibate is important because then one knows true love received and given and aids them in treating those whom they encounter in their vocation with the same love.  We can only give that which we have.

in Christ



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