A Brief Update

Dear Friends.

I am going to keep this brief as the device which I am typing on makes writing rather difficult.

Last week the first of many priests who will be staying with me over the next few months was here.  His name is Fr Scott Courtney from Lincoln,  Nebraska.   We hit it off immediately and a friendship grew instantly.  I am blessed with the fact that this will be going on for the next 3 months: a new priest each week to meet.

I am learning already about divine providence.  I was worried that things would be fairly lonely here since I more or less live and pray on my own.  I am not called to be a hermit.  But then I find out that there will be these priest guests each week for three months.  There is also a house of discernment here in Gallup and I hope to acquaint myself with the men there.  If you haven’t much community given to you, you must make it for yourself.

I was really tired yesterday.  Fr Scott and I were up late the night before and ended up taking a nap at 3pm.  I slept until 5, even though we began work again at 3:30.  Sr Marianna said that she didn’t want to wake me because I was obviously tired. I told her I’m here to serve, not sleep :).  The sisters are too sweet.

It is weird, when one has free time, that I am almost anxious.  This is because I did not bring my computer, iphone, etc.  I have no Internet where I live either.  It’s amazing how much gadgets have taken over my life that when I have free time, I feel i must fill it with gadgets.  I see this as a great opportunity to purify such tendencies from within the, filling the time instead with praying and reading.

Fr Scott, by the way, is a teacher with Catholic Scripture Studies and is often a chaplain for Steve Ray’s tours.  He is so in love with the Eucharist, scripture, and Mary.  He has a website too: http://www.livegreatee.net.

I have more but will have to save it for later.  My fingers are already cramped from typing on this thing :).

In Christ








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2 responses to “A Brief Update

  1. LeAnna

    I was feeling anxious about our upcoming 2 months in Germany because we won’t have an internet connection at the flat we’re renting. Like you, I see this as clinging too much to electronics to fill up life and am sort of looking forward to the purge… still need to figure out my banking tho!

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