I’m Back

Hi Folks.

Life has been busy, getting ordained and all.  The cool news is that I am now a Deacon.  The sad thing is that I am now bishop-less as Bishop Richard is now Archbishop-elect of Winnipeg.  

And I am also back at the seminary.  Things have been slightly busier than expected.  I do a LOT of reading because all I have this year is reading courses.  Plus I started my MTh program as well.  So I am writing a Masters thesis on the spirituality of Mother Teresa and how it helps us both understand and live Christ’s descent into Hell.  So that will be fun and interesting.  I was going to do it on one of my favourite philosophers – Maurice Blondel – but I think it would have involved too much work for a Masters thesis.

Now why am I telling you all this?  Well, I’ve been away from this for a bit.  I had just many things to get in place and blogging wasn’t as important in all that for the time.  But I am back.  I will be posting more often than once a month too, I hope.  So if you’re still around, be aware: posts will be returning soon!

in Christ

-Deacon Harrison


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