Why the Church Will Be Fine

We have heard the flailing headlines of Catholics concerned that the upcoming Synod may very well approve Cardinal Kasper’s proposals re: communion for Catholics who are divorced and remarried.  We have heard, also, the nauseating fawning over Cardinal Kasper, a man who seems to have attempted, time and again, to make himself the center spotlight figure in a variety of theological debates.  The difference this time is that he doesn’t have Ratzinger to contend with, and it appears he is taking advantage of the situation.

But it really matters not what Cardinal Kasper has to say.  While his emphasis on mercy is commendable, it is not going to move one iota of Church practice.  Because the nature of communion is intimately tied to the nature of the Church and the nature of the sacraments in the life of the Church.  Cardinal Ouellet has given the best defense of the current ecclesial practice, but he is by no means a lone voice in the matter.  In fact, for every Kasper supporter, it appears there are 3-4 times more influential bishops and Cardinals who support the position of Ouellet.

But again, none of this matters.  We have heard of the weakness of Francis, of his style creating a crisis (such as this article by Damian Thompson).  But none of this should worry us.

The reason is very simple: many Catholics who are so very devout have often forgotten one of the central truths of being Catholic.  The truth is that the Church is indefectible and that we need not worry about the Church changing her practice for the simple reason that the Church is the Church.  Jesus is intimately tied to His body the Church and so He will guide it through this rough sea towards the destination it is to tend towards, which is Heaven.

So I encourage those who are freaking out about the whole love-fest the media is having with Kasper and to remember the simple reality: Jesus is tied intimately to His Church and will not let her stray.  Jesus promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail, so why is it that we have such a hard time believing it?


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